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Naming My Planning Business Nóbl


December 30, 2019


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The meaning behind “Nóbl” and why it matters

My Wedding Planning Business

Naming my wedding planning business, was a lesson in dreaming with my eyes wide open: awkward and slightly uncomfortable. To choose a name in line with my planning business goals, I had to picture my future and be aware of my 3, 5, 10-year plan. Then I asked myself how the name I chose would impact the image of my business.

Honestly, it felt like I was naming a child!

What I Considered When Choosing The Name

This is in no way an all-encompassing guide to naming a business, just my process behind choosing the name Nóbl. It was important for me to choose a name that would grow with the business. A name, and eventually a logo, that works well visually on social media, business cards, signage etc. I didn’t want to create an impossibly long and hard-to-remember URL for potential customers to remember either. And so, it needed to be a name I could market, have fun with when building social campaigns, create a culture and brand with, and generally make sense for the business’ direction.

Wedding planning is such an emotional, visceral, and visual industry! The name you choose can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s like a handshake, leaving a lasting impression with every customer. I had to choose something that stood out, yet didn’t make people stop and ask: “why is that relevant?”

Choosing a name for my wedding planning business could not only be a culmination of financial projections and business sense. The name also had to be meaningful to me, more than a name for a name’s sake.

Simply put, doing something worthwhile, that will stand the test of time, is not easy. Naming this business was no exception. 

Story Behind The Name

I wanted the name to connote luxury and class, so I poured over rich literature that gave me inspiration. It couldn’t be too stuffy, but something considered trendy yet classic. As a person with a multi-racial background, I also wanted it to be culturally ambiguous. It was essential the name appeal to multi-ethnic/racial/cultural couples, and represent the multicultural city I live in.

This thought process opened doors to different languages and dialects, which was super exciting. I started thinking about words outside of the typical romantic languages of Spanish or French. My last consideration, but not the least, was to choose a name honouring my own marriage in some way.

My husband was born in Austria. His family {read: father, mother and older brother} fled the communist occupied Czech Republic in the early ’90s. Their story of perseverance means a lot to me, and one of the reasons I chose to change my last name to Rezek from my maiden name Goodland.

{side note: If you want to learn more about my thoughts on changing your last name as a woman in 2020 click here – but I digress}

Business Name Must Have

I considered using my married name, but “Rezek Events” was not romantic-sounding, and too generic despite the uniqueness of the name itself.

So, I set about searching the internet for “classy” words in Czech. I got extremely lucky! The word “Nóbl” in Czech, literally means classy, over the top luxury, and in essence, wealth. It was perfect, lush, but understated – exactly what I envisioned. Nóbl also has positive connotations in English for those who were neither curious or aware of the language difference in the name itself, which was a win-win!

But of course, with anything you find on the internet, you need to do your homework! I had to be sure this word meant what I thought it did. Luckily I was blessed with an extended family that speaks the language. So I turned to my cousin-in-law in Prague for guidance and information. She confirmed “Nóbl” meant a level of class that, in translation, fully encompassed everything I wanted my wedding planning business to be. And so, Nóbl Events was chosen!

Nóbl {nō-bl}

classy, sharply elegant, genteel, posh, prima

Once I decided on Nóbl I took a closer look at what this name could mean for the future of the business. The Czech language is rare and used by very few people. Czechs are honestly some of the kindest people I‘ve had the pleasure of meeting. Their elegance is refined, down to earth and relatable – laughter in the wind and sun. The culture is laden with folklore and fairytales, and an organic gracefulness that is down to earth yet timeless.

I visited my in-laws in the Czech Republic a couple of years ago. Walking through the streets of Prague felt like getting transported back in time. The clack of my heels against the cobblestone between the towering pillars of castles resonated with me. I strive to have Nóbl embody this rarity and timelessness in the spirit of our design. My genuine hope is to display this uniqueness with every couple we serve and with every wedding we design.

It might seem strange, if not slightly over the top, to place so much emphasis on a name, but a wedding planning business is such a particular type of service. We interact with people in their most intimate moments. This is why Nóbl made such perfect sense, a name true to my vision for this company: innately motived by the details that matter.

This post is dedicated In Loving Memory to Vladimira Heroltova-Rezek 

“Naming Planning Business Nóbl”, Kirsten Rezek, “Nóbl Essentials”, Copyright ©2020, Nóbl Events, Nóbl Journal


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