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Smart Start: Why Your Wedding Planner Comes First!

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June 25, 2024


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Top Tips: 5 Reasons to Hire Your Planner First!

You’re newly engaged and you’re getting ready to begin planning your wedding. It’s time to start this exciting new chapter of your lives together! What should you do first? 

Hire a wedding planner, of course!

Now you may say, Kirsten, of course you’d say that. You’re a wedding planner. And that’s true, I am. However, I was a bride first, and I was a bride who did NOT hire a wedding planner. This is why I can tell you: The Top 5 Reasons you should hire a wedding planner FIRST!

Number 1 – they help you save money by:

  • Helping you establish a healthy budget
  • Setting your expectations before you begin booking any vendors and/or venue 
  • Helping you book your venue while making sure you don’t book something too expensive for your budget while meeting all of your needs
  • Helping to curate a vendor team that will meet your budget, aesthetic, cultural, etc. needs

Number 2 – Offering experience from the get go that you otherwise wouldn’t have by:

  • Answering questions you have about budget designation, logistics management (ie guest list, vendor needs and norms, contract reviews, and more) 
  • Asking you questions that will establish important boundaries for your family and wedding party from the start 
  • Updating any information holes trusted family members may have based on outdated info and/or your unique plans differing from wedding plans they have participated in before yours

Number 3 – curing FOMO by:

  • Keeping your vision first and foremost in your mind, consistently, as you plan and hire your team / deal with family input 
  • Helping your curate and strengthen the vision you already have OR helping you create a vision that is personalised to you as a couple 
  • Helping you feel secure that you’re not overlooking or forgetting anything every step of the way 

Number 4 – help you navigate family dynamics with unbiased clarity by:

  • Offering an objective perspective of any unique relationship pitfalls you may be nervous about from the beginning 
  • Stopping drama in its tracks with tactics that empower you 
  • Keeping you and your partner unified by offering a safe place to vent and strategise from the jump instead of leaving things to chance – more on this in our opinion blog Expectations vs Reality: Is Your Wedding Day Really All About You? 

Number 5 – Providing peace of mind and reducing stress by:

  • Taking on logistical burdens so you can focus on enjoying your engagement, wedding day and each other
  • Handling unexpected issues, allowing you to relax and trust everything will be taken care of
  • Offering emotional support throughout the journey, from planning to the big day

In conclusion, hiring a wedding planner as your first step can save time, money, and offer invaluable expertise and support. So take the stress out of planning and start your journey toward happily ever after with a trusted wedding planner. Congratulations on your engagement and the exciting adventure ahead!


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