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The Difference Between Wedding Planning and Wedding Design

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February 23, 2023


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Wedding Planning vs. Design

When you think about what a wedding planner does, what comes to mind? Binders filled to the brim with fabric swatches? Visits to the florist? The prettiest place settings spread across a stunning mockup table? The truth is those visions are all ones that spill into the realm of wedding design—and wedding planning and wedding design are not exactly synonymous. While many planners offer wedding design (and vice versa), there are some clear distinctions between the two services. Wondering what those differences are?

You’re in the right place. Read on for an understanding of what to expect with wedding planning versus wedding design.


Your wedding design or wedding styling is the creative part of your wedding. It’s what most vision-driven couples think of as the “fun” part.

Think: colour palette, theme, floral choices, stationery suites, tablescapes, escort displays, signage, and lighting.

Essentially, wedding design is everything your guests see, touch, and interact with—from your stunning save-the-date through that dreamy old-world-inspired dessert table. It’s all of the various elements of your mood board that come together in seamlessly styled harmony to create an immersive and visual experience.

One major thing to note? You might think the first step in designing your wedding is to work with your wedding planner to hire vendors. But in reality, wedding design (i.e. honing a clear vision for how you want your event to look and feel) comes first. That way, your planner can help you hire the right vendors for your aesthetic preferences.


If wedding design encompasses all of the elements your guests see and touch—wedding planning encompasses the tasks and logistics they don’t always see and touch, but that contribute greatly to a seamless celebration. This is essentially the behind-the-scenes orchestration of your event—managing your budget and guest list, overseeing vendor contracts, executing a timeline…the list goes on (and on).

Keep in mind—your wedding planner can also be your wedding designer, but when your planner is in “wedding planning mode” they are focused on the line-items and logistics of bringing your wedding to life. They’ll certainly oversee vendors and make sure your design is set up as planned, but this comes alongside the hustle-and-bustle of keeping the event flowing, tending to your needs, and keeping everything (and everyone) on-task and on-time.


Fine-art weddings rich in visceral experiences are the cornerstone of Nóbl. Events of this nature—the kind of weddings that leave your entire guest list in absolute awe—require impeccable planning and bespoke design, which is why we offer both in-house. When you work with Nóbl, you’re working with an expert in planning and design. Your investment includes access to a hands-on planning team that manages the logistics of your day with incredible care—and access to fine-art wedding designers (and a seasoned in-house illustrator—hello!) who refine and render your vision to a place you never imagined possible.

The benefit of handling both your wedding planning and wedding design under one roof? In a word: cohesion. While you can certainly hire two separate professionals for planning and design, a truly effortless experience stems from working with one well-oiled team to develop a look-and-feel for your wedding while managing a smooth, supportive planning journey.

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