Every wedding is a learning experience! Every time we step into a venue on our clients' wedding day we are bringing all of our previous experience to the table, and taking note of all of the new things we can learn to help this company grow! In our journal, we share some of those insights with you!


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Nóbl Intimate Wedding

A Real Wedding Story I wrote a blog last year titled “Intimate Weddings Are An Option”, that spoke about the perks of an intimate wedding. Now we’re in 2021 and I am truly excited as a planner’s/designer about the opportunities Intimate Weddings bring to the wedding industry, not just in COVID times, but going forward […]

February 2, 2021

Wedding Design, Wedding Management

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Intimate Weddings are an Option!

4 Reasons To Get Excited About Intimate Weddings In 2021! Intimate Weddings are the new trend. As the wedding industry looks to the future, it is clear that a lot has changed. Around the world, and here in Canada, we will all need to contend with restrictions in a post-COVID world, most likely until there […]

September 29, 2020

Full Planning, Wedding Design, Wedding Management, Wedding Styling

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Dusty Rose Wedding Palette

Palette Developement & Description by Elie V.  One of the best wedding colour trend this year is Dusty Rose. It is such a lovely and timeless colour that you can tie into any season.  This colour can brighten up a rich wedding palette or bring colour into a neutral one. To show off this wonderful […]

April 21, 2020

Business, Wedding Design, Wedding Styling, Weddings

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Wedding Planner vs Venue Coordinator?

When I got married I had a wonderful venue event team. They were kind and met with me a couple of times throughout the process to help me finalize day-of plans. And truly they were wonderful and helpful, especially when tragedy struck my family. My grandmother passing away a month and a half before my wedding, subsequently creating financial and emotional hardships. I would not trade where I got married for anything, but despite that, I wish I’d hired a wedding planner.

April 17, 2020

Business, Destination Planning, Full Planning, Wedding Management, Weddings

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Be Kind To Your Vendor Team

As a planner, it’s my job to advocate for my couples, making sure they get the best from everyone they hire. However, especially now, I must also be an advocate for my fellow vendors, for without them there are no exceptional weddings and events.

April 7, 2020

Behind the Scenes, Business

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Planning Your Wedding, During COVID-19 Outbreak!

back and forth when it comes to COVID-19. Sometimes I am a concerned citizen thinking about my family and the families of the people in my city. Sometimes I am a business owner, worried about my livelihood…In the midst of all of that, I am also a wedding planner, devastated by how every couple is feeling at this moment-

April 3, 2020

Behind the Scenes, Business, Weddings

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Day-of Coordination Does NOT Exist!

When you think day-of coordination, imagine going to a hospital you’ve never been to, with a high-risk pregnancy. You’re in labour and experiencing shortness of breath because of an existing health condition that needs immediate attention. Now in the labour room, a random doctor walks in and says “Hi, there! I’m going to be delivering your baby.”

January 4, 2020

Business, Wedding Management, Weddings

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Naming My Planning Business Nóbl

Naming a wedding planning business, or any business in general for that matter, is like a lesson in dreaming with your eyes wide open: awkward and slightly uncomfortable. You have to try to picture your future and be aware of your 3, 5 even 10-year plans and think of a name that’s in-line with where you want to take the business. You have to ask yourself how the name you chose will impact the image of your business once you’ve started it.

December 30, 2019

Nóbl Events Logo

Behind the Scenes, Business, Personal

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