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Day-of Coordination Does NOT Exist!

Wedding Management

January 4, 2020


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Context Matters

When you think day-of coordination, imagine going to a hospital you’ve never been to, with a high-risk pregnancy. You’re in labour and experiencing shortness of breath because of an existing health condition that needs immediate attention. Now in the labour room, a random doctor walks in and says “Hi, there! I’m going to be delivering your baby.”

The problem is she does not have access to your chart or your medical records. Although she might be more than capable, wouldn’t you prefer a doctor who knows your particular situation helping you navigate this very emotional and important moment?

Although not life or death, your wedding logistics can be just as important and just as emotional. Here is why “Day-of” coordination does not, and cannot truly exist!

Why it Matters We Know Each Other

Now, imagine it’s your wedding day. The night before you got a call from your florist. There has been a mishap at the shop, some of the centrepieces have been damaged. I show up at your venue with no access to your contracts or vendors. Although I am a capable planner, there is only so much I can do for you on the day. Wouldn’t you prefer that I was in contact with the florist ahead of time so I could handle this for you.

As you know a wedding takes months, if not years of planning and effort to pull together. So, why would you trust the execution to someone who has no information about the vendors, the wedding party, not to mention you, the Bride and Groom?

Without the context of the amount of work you’ve done, I know nothing about the intricate details you’re expecting me to execute. Or, to begin with, why it matters that it’s executed a certain way. Besides, you and your fiancé, should under no circumstances be expected to pause on your big day to deal with a vendor.

Setting Your Expectations

Planners who are insured, experienced and passionate will start working with you a minimum of 6-8 weeks before your wedding. This timeframe is what’s needed to fulfill a “day of” coordination efficiently!

At 8 weeks I meet with you, your venues, and vendors, etc. I pull together all the details, ask you tons of very pertinent and important questions. Set up your online wedding planning account. Create timelines, event dossiers for vendors, field questions from your best man, best friend from college who is going to MC, and the maid of honour. Simply put, I integrate myself into every aspect of your wedding so I am able to ACTUALLY relieve your wedding day stress, not add to it.

The planning industry is beginning to call this service “Wedding Management”, but Month-of-Coordination is not a red flag if you see a planner using the term. If you see Day-of-coordination, however, run! OR at the very least, while the industry catches up regarding the correct terminology, look at the planner’s website and see what their package includes. It should always include:

  • At least 6-8 weeks of lead-in time
  • A number of in-person meetings
  • Final Site visits
  • Attendance at your rehearsal
  • Vendor introductions

All of this in addition to actually being there to coordinate your wedding day on your behalf!

Apples to Apples

When choosing a planner, compare packages. Take into account the amount of work leading up to your wedding. Then, what’s included in coordinating the day of your wedding. For a robust package, the price will never be something nominal. Sometimes it seems you are getting a deal, but it’s a reduced package with the planner most likely departing from the venue early.

Wedding Management Packages in Toronto range from $1,500-$3,200 depending on the planner’s experience, ideal clientele and the amount of one-on-one attention offered in the package.

There are lots of different options to suit your needs and your budget, but remember that you are investing in your comfort. It’s like buying a mattress. You don’t expect a $100 mattress from IKEA to give you the same support, be made of the same material, or last as long as a $700 mattress from Sleep Country.

Wedding Planning works the same way! If you want to check out our Wedding Management package click here, if not I hope this inspires you to do your research and to tell all of your friends that Day-of-Wedding Coordination does NOT exist!

“Day-of Coordination Does NOT Exist!”, Kirsten Rezek, “Nóbl Essentials”, Copyright ©2020, Nóbl Events, Nóbl Journal

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