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July 3, 2022


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Fine Art Wedding Designer

Weddings are an aesthetic events no matter the size of your guest list or budget. As a couple you will spend a lot of time choosing the visual elements of your wedding day (i.e. linen, flowers, attire, cake, seating, lighting, favour, etc.)

With this in mind remember there are several different, what I like to call, “design genres” in the wedding world. Like books, Wedding Design Genres, utilise different aesthetic tropes and styling tools to achieve a specific end result that the audience member enjoys. You see it in the different wedding magazines you read.

Wedluxe tells a different design story to Today’s Bride, who tells a different design story to Wedding Sparrow, and so on. Every single publication/blog tells love stories, but each one employs different aesthetic devices to appeal to their ideal audience member.

When Nóbl says that we are a Fine Art Wedding Designer, we are sharing with you what story we specialise in telling, and which couples we can offer the most expertise to through our preferred aesthetic and vendors!

What Is A Fine Art Wedding

So now that we have established that wedding design can be broken down into different “genres”, let’s deep dive into the aesthetic of the Fine Art Wedding.

Fine Art is the Historical Fiction of the Wedding Design world. Every aesthetic choice made when designing this kind of wedding, typically, incorporates elements of Old World European artistic sensibilities. This is why you will often see fine art photography focusing on destination weddings in locations of France, Italy, Czech Republic, Scotland, and the English Countryside, etc. These countries are areas with an over abundance of castles, 15th and 16th century architecture, tapestries, and finishes. History is a crucial aspect of the Fine Art Wedding design genre.

There are probably several instances, in your quest for wedding inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, you have come across Fine Art Wedding designs. So let’s go over some of the most important aesthetic identifiers for what makes a decor pieace for “Fine Art”, and why:

Fine Art Wedding Identifiers

  • The building may be up-kept and well taken care of, but is well over 80+ years old.
  • Architecture in and outside of the building pays homage to its original design through it’s architecture and finishes.
  • If a building is on the newer side (under 80-60 years old) it purposely replicated historically relevant architecture and details throughout the entire building.
  • Some of our favourite Local Fine Art Venues include:
    • The Sunnybrook Estates (now closed)
    • Langdon Hall
    • The Old Mill
    • The Harding Waterfront Manor
  • Some of our favourite International Fine Art Venues include:
    • Chateau de Tourreau
    • Chateau Martinay
    • Chateau Villette
    • Strawberry Hill
    • Rose Hall
    • Devon House
  • Some of these venues have histories that date back to the mid-1800s!
Artisanal & Handmade Items
  • Handmade paper, deckled edges, serif fonts and calligraphy are staples of the stationery synonyms to fine art design. Card stock is often a linen or cotton blend with lovely texture and
  • One of a kind furniture is either found at the venue or rented from vintage decor providers, some of our favourites include:
    • Local: Tuft and Toile, Glamorous Affair and Joilette
    • International: Vaisselle Vintage, Madame de la Maison, and Tableset
  • Bespoke attire is a must, with custom made gowns and suites, handmade luxury accessories and sentimental trinkets from family.
    • Some of our favourite gown and suit providers are:
      • Catherine Langois, Aurelia Hoang, Valencienne, Surmersur, King and Bay, Fari Hara
    • Some of our favourite hand made accessory designers:
      • Local: Blair Nadeau Bridal, The Loved One
      • International: Lena Rom, Megan Therese Couture, Erin Rhyne
Film Photography

The absolute quintessential part of a fine art wedding, is film photography. There is something especially intangible but magical about film photography. Film presents these lovely features:

  • Stunning dynamic range
  • True to life colour, which is especially important when dealing with different skin tones
  • light and airy look to your photos

Film photographers are artists, presenting a certain level of experience to the day – there is nothing like the loading film, the click of the camera, and watching as they use their light meters to tell them how to carefully consider before each shot brings something genuine, grounded and authentic to a wedding day.

For digital photographers who shoot with a “fine art style”, this simply means they are editing their work to mimic the characteristics of film: i.e. grain, light and airy, composition.

Planner & Designer – Nobl events | Film Photographer – Memoires en Or  | Film Lab – Rewind Film Lab | Film Stock – Kodak | Venue – Chateau de Santeny | Florist – By Wildwood | Floral Wholesaler – Mundo Flowers  | Hair + Makeup – Allyssa Helm  | Planner’s Assistant – Isabella Vigliotta  | Paper Goods – Blanche Heirloom Co.  | Decor Rentals – Vaisselle Vintage | Bridal Adornments – Blair Nadeau Bridal | Hand Carved – Eggs Hatchfully Yours | Bridal Gown – The Modern Bride | Shoes – Manolo Blahnik | Tux Tiger of Sweden | Modeling – Agency Enjoy Models Agency

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