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February 2, 2021


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photography by JMT Photo & Film

I wrote a blog last year titled “Intimate Weddings Are An Option”, that spoke about the perks of an intimate wedding. Now we’re in 2021 and I am truly excited as a planner’s/designer about the opportunities Intimate Weddings bring to the wedding industry, not just in COVID times, but going forward in a post-COVID world!

Are you reluctant about an Intimate Wedding, or having a hard time getting excited about decreasing your large guest list into something dramatically smaller?

Well, in September 2020 I got the opportunity to see a 175 person wedding shrink to an intimate wedding of 18 people and I want to tell you how we made it happen. Maybe give you an idea, or two!

photography by JMT Photo & Film

The Lovely Couple

‘E’ and ‘M’ booked our Wedding Management package at the end of 2019. Their venue was a tent on ‘E’s’ family estate in Nestleton, Ontario. Their gorgeous, large farm was a dream location full of personal history and warm memories! We were ecstatic that they trusted us with their wedding day plans.

After on-boarding ‘E’ and ‘M’on aisle planner we expected to have a relatively normal back and forth dialogue, but then of course, COVID!

We immediately set up a zoom call to reassure them, that while we didn’t know what to expect with their wedding months away, we would be there to support them. Luckily they decided not want to cancel or postpone, but wait to see what would happen over the summer. With that said, Nóbl touched based with all of their amazing vendors, updated them about their decision, and kept a watchful eye on the news.

photography by JMT Photo & Film

The Decision

Lo-and-behold, July rolled around and it was very clear COVID was not going anywhere. We got back on zoom to chat.

“We’ve been thinking about it” they started saying in relatively high but unsure spirits: “we don’t feel like we want to postpone until next year. That’s just not us. We want to make this year work. Do you think we can make it happen?”

With their decision, the planning shifted. First, we made sure the guest count was within government regulations. Second, we discussed how to keep both guest and vendor socially distanced. Third, they narrowed down and confirmed the new guest list. Lastly, we adjusted all the orders/agreements that were previously created.

Three things made the transition seamless:

  1. The couple’s openness and willingness to pivot was key to making their original date work.
  2. Early conversations with the vendor team.
  3. Each vendor’s ability to customize their services.
photography by JMT Photo & Film
photography by JMT Photo & Film

The Logistics

To solidify the plan we got on the phone with each vendor and got to work! We downsized tent, the portable bathroom order, and furniture order.

The catering order was adjusted. A bar attendant was no longer needed because the couple would provide their own alcohol and have each guest self serve. Their was a skeletal crew of one waitstaff to limit time inside the tent. And a bussing table was set up outside the tent, where guests could drop off their dirty plates.

Instead of a served dinner, ‘E’ and ‘M’ took advantage of the caterer’s food truck. This way guests could come up to the window, got a pre-approved, pre-plated meal and go back to their seats with minimal contact between the staff and guests. That worked perfectly!

photography by JMT Photo & Film

The Aesthetic

They downsized the floral order. Added a new decor order and got excited about designing the tablescape! They were able to indulge in hand-dyed linen table runners and napkins, gold rimmed glassware and cutlery, and real wood harvest chairs and tables. The bride provided her own vintage brass candle sticks, tea cups and saucers and voi-la! The result was personal, stunning, homey, and classic.

photography by JMT Photo & Film

Who Stayed?

Their guests had to take a COVID test at least 72 hours before the event. Each guest testing negative assured a COVID free zone and a stress free night. Which meant they weren’t overwhelmed with worry, instead they were excited to spend a safe one-on-one time with each guest.

Nóbl Events, JMT Photo and Film, and Love Photo were asked to leave earlier than usual so that the guests (who consisted of immediate family members in the same social bubbles as mandated at the time) could move around freely without masks.

It’s something none of us were used to, and it made the type A personality in me feel slightly uncomfortable, but at the end of the day it was all about making the day work for the couple and their family!

photography by JMT Photo & Film

The Conclusion

Every situation is unique! But, there are ways to take a large affair, and make a memorable intimate one! So yes, you can have a stunning event that is safe as well!

Join me to fine out the many beautiful, creative, and truly wonderful reasons to choose an intimate wedding to celebrate your next steps together as a couple at the Wedding Co. Summit on Tuesday, February 16th from 5PM – 6PM

photography by JMT Photo & Film

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